A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

For 33 years I have called the Pacific Northwest my home. While I am the type of person who could be happy anywhere in the world, this area has a special place in my heart. Its the predictably unpredictable way rain can appear out of nowhere and the way you can almost always spot Mount Rainier on the horizon. Its the way the most common of beverages can spawn an entire menu of variations and a store on virtually every corner. Its the smell of the salty Puget Sound air and the roar from Century Link Field on Sundays in the fall.

It has been a secret dream of mine to create a website that celebrates all of these things that make the Northwest so uniquely special, an outlet for people to read about and share the positive experiences of life here.

I know that creating a media organization from scratch is no easy undertaking. But I also know that nobody else is going to create it for me. So, if this is my journey of a thousand miles, consider this my first step.

If you’re interested in joining me on this journey, either as a contributor or just with a kind word of support, please drop me a note at mike@nwvibe(dot)com. The NW Vibe team is small right now, but here are some of the roles I’m hoping to fill with enthusiastic people….


Seeking writers interested in covering all things local to the Northwest, but especially sports, music, dining, outdoors, fashion, and community events. You don’t need to have a formal background in writing, or any experience for that matter. If you can paint a picture with your words and your writing tone is positive then we would love to hear from you!


We’re looking for photographers all over the PNW willing to contribute images for specific stories. Or if you have a portfolio of local images we would love to work with you. No need to be a professional photographer, just need to produce intriguing photos that showcase local people, places, and events.

Local Experts

I know what’s going on where I live, but there are millions of things I’m sure I don’t know about life in other cities around the Pacific Northwest. If you have a good pulse on life in your city we would love to partner with you as a local expert. Writing skills are a plus but not required.


Do you love to try new restaurants? Have a refined taste for coffee? Like to try out different golf courses? We would love to hear your reviews as you try out new places or revisit your favorites. This isn’t an open forum for reviewers, and it isn’t a place to bash local businesses. Like the rest of this site, the reviews aim to focus on the positive. We want to feature the best of the best and help people find the great hole in the wall places. We’ll leave the negative reviews to other websites.


Don’t want to do any of the above but feel compelled to help? No problem. Tell your friends about us, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter. Spread the word about the spiffy new website dedicated to sharing positive stories about life in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be forever grateful!

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